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Provide option for if an order is completed to not show on map BUT still allow completed order to show in workbook order summary list as completed for set time.

Config.xml allows for a completed order to show on workbook map & orders summary list for x days after completed. This can be set so order show on both for x days OR orders do not show (removed from list and map). Would like option to see details in workbook order summary and see last review page but not show on workbook map.

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  • Apr 4 2018
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    10 Apr, 2018 06:57pm

    Hi Julie, I believe this use case can already be solved with the "Show All Orders" vs "Show Active Orders" on the map (same as on order summary). That toggle should allow them to filter the map of the completed orders so they can see only the active orders, while still allowing them to go to the order summary list and show completed orders. Does that make sense? I'm not sure when this feature came in exactly, but it is in 5.3 FP1+ we think (I see it here in 5.3.5).