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Nearby Orders Tabular View

As a technician in a plant, I need to be able to retrieve a list of orders that are within my functional location so that I can self-assign some work.

I need to be able to see and sort a list of orders with a configurable fieldset so that my user experience can be different from techs who work in other functional locations. I do not like the current map-based experience because all of my orders have the same lat/long so they all show up on the map in a cluster.

I can find what I need if I do a search within the nearby orders, but would prefer to not have to access the map at all or to perform that search and instead see all the work I could potentially pull in a single list and be able to do a single tap to self-assign it.

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  • Jun 9 2022
  • Accepted for Roadmap
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    Melanie Graham commented
    14 Jul 12:22am

    This has been approved as a candidate feature for a future release. Thank you for the idea submission.