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Color Code the Scheduled Appts booked in the Booking Request Window when there is a Deployment Plan

When there is a Deployment Plan the Booking Request shows the Targets and Scheduled appts. We would like to see

  1. The Scheduled section turn to Green when the Target total matches the Scheduled total. This draws the eye of the User that this area is booked for the day and appt slot that had been selected

  2. If the Scheduled Totals are greater than the Target total this should change to Red to give emphasis that this area is already overbooked for the day and appt slot selected

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  • Jun 23 2021
  • Accepted for Roadmap
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  • Admin
    Melanie Graham commented
    16 Jul, 2021 04:44pm

    Per CCB Meeting on July 15, 2021, this is accepted for future roadmap. Thank you for the idea!