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"Please wait" isn't enough information.

We've had several issues in Workbook where it would fail to timeout during some procedure, and the only information we're presented with is "Please wait". 

What is the user waiting for? When we submit a bug report for the lack of a timeout or the application outright crashing, it would be much more helpful to know what procedure was in progress when that happened. It might also be helpful to have a "cancel" button so that the user can decide that it's not quite so important to retrieve the most recent map update or the work order list or the weather radar, and just go back to the locally saved copy of that data so they can get on with their day. They just want to find the address of their next work order instead of waiting around for a slow internet connection. 

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  • May 8 2019
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    30 Jun, 2020 10:59pm

    Hi All,

    Thank you for the idea. While we will mark this as a 'Will not Implement', this incorporated into our best practice design and development standards (both allowing cancel for processes that can be cancelled, and providing more informational logging).

    Best Wishes,