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Enable customization of the landmarks screen to remove unwanted fields

Our users are getting confused between County and Country. We never use Town or County, so it would be awesome if we could configure them to not display.

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  • Dec 13 2018
  • Accepted for Roadmap
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    21 Dec, 2018 08:56pm

    Hi Debbie,

    We've accepted this for the roadmap, but can't yet commit as to which release.  It's unlikely that we'll make the form customizable - What we'd probably do is 1) make the country a drop-down, with "common" countries (like Canada) at the top, 2)  automatically hide the "county" field when you select "Canada" as a country and 3) merge city / town into one "city" field.  That way, Fortis folks would never see "town" nor "county."

    Geoff Glave

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    13 Dec, 2018 06:07pm

    No problem Debbie - I've edited your idea submission to reflect landmarks, not user profile.  Cheers, Geoff

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    13 Dec, 2018 05:56pm

    SORRY! I can't seem to edit the idea once submitted, but I meant on the Landmarks screen. This isn't relevant to the user profile. My apologies!